Shipping a Grandfather Clock

Craters & Freighters of SW Florida are expert estate movers. Our professional team will pack your precious antiques, heirloom cargo and valuable or irreplaceable objects, such as the family’s Grandfather clock.

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Crating Experts For Shipping Grandfather Clocks Domestically and Worldwide

Grandfather clocks have special memories and are especially important when making plans for an estate move.  We help you make the arrangements to have the pendulum and weights secured properly before our pickup for crating.  Our team of drivers will pick up your clock on schedule.  Through another Craters & Freighters location, we offer White Glove delivery service at the destination.

Our reputation is well known in SW Florida to be the best crating company for grandfather clocks.  We have been shipping grandfather clocks from our location for over sixteen years.  It is not unusual to have three or four clocks in our crating center during a week.  All grandfather clocks are crated in wood crates with special foam packing to insure their safe travel.  If you plan to ship the clock internationally, we will place it in vapor barrier bagging with desiccant to prevent moisture penetration that could occur during container shipping to an international port.

After the pendulum and weights are removed by the clock master, Craters & Freighters call and schedule your pickup.

Your clock is shrink wrapped and placed in a custom built wood crate.  The pendulum is bubble wrapped and taped to the top front of the clock.

The interior of the crate is lined with Styrofoam® to prevent movement during travel.  Note the bracing that is used to keep the clock in place and prevent bouncing during transit. 

Estate liquidation or consolidation is difficult and often an emotional circumstance. Figuring out how to get it all from here to there makes it even more difficult … unless you have Craters & Freighters there to help.

We understand all the details that need to be covered and have over 20 years of experience in safely crating, packing and shipping furniture, fragile antiques and family heirlooms.

Do not ship grandfather clocks upright or in corrugated boxes. We only ship in wood crates --- we do not and will not ship in corrugated boxes or upright, due to the fact that the clock has the potential of falling over in transit!!!!

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