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Vapor Barrier packaging

What Is Vapor Barrier?

Vapor barrier is foil material that resists diffusion of moisture, water vapor and other airborne contaminants. It’s used in many different industries as a damp-proofing layer to protect many different types of assets.

Why Vapor Barrier Is A Crucial Part Of Overseas Shipping

Ocean liners and their cargo are subject to the perils of the sea including pitching and rolling from storms potentially dampening items from salt water.  It is also common for overseas shipments to sit on cargo docks and be exposed to high levels of humidity depending on their destination. Items that have metal surfaces and sensitive electronics can be severely damaged from salt water and humidity corrosion without using vapor barrier bagging within an ocean shipping container, wood crate, skid or pallet.

Vapor Barrier Bagging For Any Extreme Shipping Situation

Vapor barrier bagging is not only important for international or truck shipping, but air shipments as well. With extreme changes in altitude and temperature, equipment is prone to excessive condensation, which means without barrier bagging, it will arrive rusted.

SW Florida’s Vapor Barrier Bagging Process

Craters & Freighters of SW Florida will determine the needs of your overseas shipment.  Items such as computers, server racks and other industrial equipment will need protection against moisture to ensure they’re performing properly once delivered. International shipments are placed in a vapor barrier bag with activated desiccant inside before heat-sealing the seams.  After we seal the item, we remove all moisture from inside the bag using a specialized vacuum system.

A humidity indicator card can be placed inside the barrier bag so that the condition of the item and the desiccant can be checked upon opening.  Humidity indicator plugs that project through the barrier material are also available and allow for checking the humidity inside the barrier bag without actually opening it.

Vapor Barrier Bagging Services Including

  • Custom Made Moisture Vapor Barrier Bags To Fit Any Item
  • Heat & Vacuum Sealed
  • Humidity Indicator Cards
  • Humidity Indicator Plugs

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