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Craters & Freighters of SW Florida fabricates custom wooden crates for industrial and business shipping to protect items whose value or fragility requires the highest level of packaging.

custom wood crates Custom wood containers

Whether we are building industrial crating for a large factory that is exporting or art packaging you can rest assured your shipment will arrive safely. We offer a variety of crate styles designed to match the unique characteristics of each item we package, including size, weight, fragility, and orientation. Once your items are crated we offer special crate shipping as part of our logistics services.

Custom designed wooden crates, boxes and skids for almost any purpose or need are available from Craters & Freighters of Southwest Florida. Our crating engineer uses CAD programs when a customer's engineering department must approve critical tolerances in the wooden box design. Wood containers are the most cost effective, environmentally safe and recyclable exterior package. All of our wood crates are designed to be reusable. Moreover, all crates adhere to ISPM-15 ("bug stamp"), making them fully compliant with the requirements of participating countries.

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Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters by Requesting a Quote today! Craters & Freighters has the expertise that delivers!

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