On-Site Industrial Crating Services for Shipping

Industrial Crating & Skidding for Exporting or Domestic

On Site Industrial Crating Services for Shipping

Crating, blocking and bracing for industrial machinery is a world apart from crating smaller household furniture and artwork.  We are specialists in building large crates and skids for industrial equipment for domestic and export shipping.  We will come to your business and work with your engineers to meet all of your needs as a single source responsibility crating company.

Our staff will work with you in any capacity to assist you in determining the best possible method to safely and effectively crate your items. We take great pride in the flexibility and diversity of our abilities to meet each client's needs. From padding your equipment, to skidding and crating, we tailor our services to meet your industrial needs. 

On site Crating by Craters and Freighters

Our industrial crates accommodate large industrial machines, high-tech equipment, electronics and other valuables.  Craters & Freighters will custom-build industrial crates that are designed by our crating engineer for plant relocations or new equipment international overseas shipping. 

For computer servers, we offer vibration control decks and stability that is critical and extremely important for servers and many industrial applications. Other capabilities that we engineer include ramp crating, mil-spec options and saddles lined with foam for cradles.

Industrial Skidding by Craters and Freighters

We will go to the job site for industrial crating projects with the custom ISPM15 crates and do the packaging and building.  Our industrial crates are often reusable for multi-ship products.

We've helped clients move entire factories with our industrial and export crating services throughout the SW Florida market. We offer on-site equipment and machinery dismantling, rigging services, moving services, crating and exporting services and solutions throughout our area or in other states through the Craters & Freighters network.  

Turnkey industrial moving solutions: Providing more than just a packaging & shipping store, or an international freight forwarder. Our multinational co-operative groups of industrial experts can help you with all aspects of your critical corporate business relocation. Our services range from industrial factory moving, integrated office moving, global computer moving services, comprehensive business relocation services, critical medical or heavy equipment moving  services and solutions.

Let us help you choose the carrier that best meets your needs and budget. We have worked with a wide range of carriers and have a detailed knowledge of their specialization. Our team handles the whole process, from start to finish.

Categories of equipment and machinery that we "Crate & Ship"

Medical Equipment - Dental chairs, UV machines, x-ray machines, heart/lung machines, endoscopy tables/equipment or laboratory equipment as well as large pieces such as MRIs, etc.

Office Equipment - Copiers, safe vaults, printers, computers, servers, server racks, routers, switches, office communication systems, etc.

Industrial Equipment - Heat exchangers, reactors, disintegrators, table press, kettles, grinding systems, high intensity mixers, vacuum shelf dryers, etc.

Laboratory Equipment - Microscopes, analyzers for blood, urine, centrifuges, reactors, various diagnostic equipment, incubators, vibration isolation table, etc.

Our international shipping & crating and international freight forwarding solutions experience helps provide you with corporate relocations and industrial moving solutions for your most critical business equipment.

Custom Designed Crates by Craters and Freighters SW Florida

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