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Craters & Freighters of SW Florida fabricates custom wooden crates for industrial and business shipping to protect items whose value or fragility requires the highest level of packaging.

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Packaging medical equipment and machinery requires special crate designing with bracing and vibration reducing decking. Craters & Freighters SW Florida has the expertise and know how to construct special supports for unique items such as airplane wings, large metal pipes or just special equipment crating needs.

Heavy Equipment Crating & Shipping


We manage the crating, packaging & logistics needs for all sectors of the commercial and industrial markets, and can handle large, heavy equipment.

No Limitations Expert Solutions


Unlike most pack and ship companies that have weight and size limitations, we offer crating solutions for just about anything you can imagine. Items that are too big, too heavy, or too valuable for others are just right for us.

Whatever your crating challenge, we can solve it!

Craters & Freighters provides full service logistics from a nationwide network of offices and warehouses

You can count on us, America’s trusted resource for equipment and machinery packaging, crating and shipping. Our in-house engineer team custom designs packaging and crating based on the item’s requirements or your specifications. We have the capability to provide on-site services at your place of business or off-site services at one of our nationwide locations. Rigging and other specialized equipment services are available.

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Specialty Wooden Crates

Craters & Freighters routinely produces a variety of crates for specialty applications. In addition to the crates shown below, we can design and build crates for virtually any application you can imagine. A simple phone call or email begins the process!

Trade Show Crates

Our expertise will save you money when you g et to the show. No more renting carpeting, tables and chairs. We cut your trade show expense plus store the crate and ship to union trade shows.

Open Slat Crates:

Open or Slat Crates are designed in such a way as to protect the contents of the crate from other items falling onto the crated item while in transit.

The crate is designed with a pallet or heavy skid type bottom to support the weight and size by using upright and diagonal cleats with nominal wood components to structure the walls and top of the crate.

The Slat crates are a great option when full crating is cost prohibitive. The Slat Crate is not only cost effective on the crate itself but it also saves on shipping costs since it uses wood, the weight is less than conventional wooden crates. Slat Crates will lower your overall packing and shipping costs!

Custom crates for manufacturers are standard business for us. We will work with you for your special needs and stock the crates for just in time delivery. 

Depending on the weight the crate will hold, we have options to carry the load.  Some crates use two by four skids and others require four by fours or larger. 

Some crates require a forklift entry from all four directions.  Craters & Freighters manufactures functional, well-built wooden shipping crates that meet the client’s needs and functions- such as custom trade show shipping crates, to crating very large items for ocean freight shipping, to building production crates in any small or large quantity.

We make custom art crating that cushions artwork or sculpture with foam for protection during shipping. Craters & Freighters of SW Florida also manufactures and sells small and large wooden storage crates, custom wood boxes with hinged lids and crates for shipping motorcycles. We also make wooden shipping crates built with Klimp fasteners.

Each motorcycle we crate and ship is different in some way. Consequently, we must treat each one with special crating needs. We understand the special requirements to ship motorcycles for exporting. The title work and handling of your paper work will be included in the price we give you. Motorcycle shipping to Europe, Australia and many other worldwide shipping markets are part of Craters & Freighters vast experience.

Specialty Wooden Saddle Crating

Craters & Freighters has the expertise and know how to construct special supports for unique items such as airplane wings, large metal pipes or just special equipment crating needs. The saddles are designed and cut with room for special PE foam to cushion the object being held and yet keep it in position during domestic or international shipping. As an example, packaging medical equipment and machinery requires special crate designing with bracing and vibration reducing decking.

Corrugated Custom Crates:

Craters & Freighters of SW Florida makes corrugated boxes to fit your needs.  The corrugated material is double wall 350 lb test material that is cut on special box maker equipment.  We do not just buy boxes, we build custom containers that fit the product you want to ship.  The container has one inch Styrofoam lining on the interior.  Each container has a pallet secured to the base with plywood for additional support.  All corrugated crates have an oversized pallet for protection during shipping with banding to further secure the box to the pallet.

Specialty Winged Picture Crating

Craters & Freighters offers various options in crating types to fit the customer’s specific   needs.  We will not ship a flat crate or corrugated box without what is termed as “A Frames” on the end of the crate that are attached to a pallet.  This method keeps the painting or mirror in an upright position at all times during its transportation.   The interior of the crate is lined with one inch Styrofoam.  For oil paintings special form corners are built to suspend the painting without touching the canvas.  Each crate is custom built to the specific need of the shipment whether its destination is domestic or international.

Custom Designed Crates by Craters and Freighters SW Florida

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