SW Florida Resources for Moving Senior Parents

As the Baby Boomer generation heads into their Golden Years more and more families are faced with the challenge of moving a senior parent. According to the Administration on Aging, by 2040 there will be 79.7 million people in the U.S. over 65 years old, which is twice the number in 2000. Taking care of a senior family member often means orchestrating a move: either into your own home or a care facility. Packing up an entire household of memories can feel overwhelming but there are many resources available to help. Take a look at the organizations below to learn more about managing senior moves in a way that is timely, respectful and financially prudent.

The AARP Caregiving Resource Center is an excellent place to begin your research. This trusted non-profit organization is the go-to resource for almost every aspect of aging. Browse the topics by category or use the search field to find expert articles on moving services and tips for senior moves. The 10 Tips for a Manageable Move article is a good place to start.

If you have decided to hire help with this transition, the National Association of Senior Move Managers is another reliable organization built to help people specifically at this challenging time. Members of this professional organization are recognized for their expertise, compassion and affordability in helping older adults and their families with the daunting process of downsizing and moving to a new residence. It’s easy to search the register of members to find the professionals closest to you. Craters & Freighters of SW Florida is proud an Industry Partner with this professional association.

If you have decided to go the other route and liquidate an estate yourself, there are many resources available to determine the value of estate items. First determine which items the elder would like to bring with them and then take a complete inventory of the rest of the household. Sort items into categories: storage, donation, keep for other family members and possible sale.

Once you have a list of the potentially valuable items you can use resources such as eBay and antique guide books to determine if and how you should sell them. You can use eBay as a price estimation tool by searching for items similar to what you’re trying to sell. If other people are asking (and getting) $50 for Wedgwood Jasperware pieces, you can assume that is a fair market value. If the home includes a large collection consider buying a collectors or antique guide for those items. For example, an extensive Lionel Train set may be worth a significant amount of money, so it is a worthwhile investment to buy a guide such as The Big Book of Lionel to accurately research the value. Kovels’ is also an excellent resource for appraising a wide range of antiques.

Transitioning an elder family member into a new home is a unique challenge, but armed with these resources you can approach the move with a solid plan to have everything go as smoothly as possible.






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