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Craters & Freighters of SW Florida to Exhibit at 2014 “Made in SWFL”
Manufacturing Show

Award winning crating and Logistics Company and Southwest Regional Manufacturing Association member will exhibit at the first manufacturing show in Southwest Florida.

February 17, 2014, Cape Coral, FL 

Craters & Freighters of SW Florida is announcing its participation in the new “Made in SWFL” manufacturers trade show. The 2014 show is the first of its kind in the region, and is sponsored by the Southwest Regional Manufacturers Association (SRMA). The show will encourage students to pursue manufacturing, help local manufacturers to connect and network together, and draws on state and national resources to highlight the importance of manufacturing to the economy.

The “Made in SWFL” show is focused on helping bridge the skills gap for manufacturers by including students from local STEM schools to participate. The shortage of skilled workers is a common complaint among manufacturers, and activities are planned to help students understand the opportunities available in the trade.

Gary McKinley, the owner of Craters & Freighters of SW Florida, is President of the SRMA for 2014.  Gary plans on taking full advantage of the opportunity with a prime show location to network with the public and other local manufacturers. “People don’t realize we exist in this market and how good we are at what we do."  Gary feels exposure such as this trade show, brings recognition to how much manufacturing takes place in this area.  “We feel that the exposure can help our marketing efforts and our supply chain needs by connecting with people right here in our back yard,” says Gary McKinley. “Southwest Florida is blessed with visitors from around the world because of our warm weather in the winter and this can be a real advantage to us as manufacturers.”

As a leader in the crating and logistics industry with over sixty five locations nationally McKinley is looking forward to the program and discussions about successful growth companies. Craters & Freighters has five locations in Florida alone doing domestic and international shipping for manufacturers. According to McKinley, Craters & Freighters is the leader in the industry and the SW Florida location has won multiple awards for the performance in their group.

Details about the Fort Myers, FL event continue to be updated at http://www.madeinswfl.com, and additional details are available at the SRMA's website, http://www.srma.net. The exhibitors at the “Made in SWFL” show include local SRMA manufacturing members and a limited number of affiliate vendors. Dave Powers, President of Power Strategy, is the keynote speaker at the event and will focus on how companies grow successfully. The program concludes with an award ceremony for the annual “Manufacturer of the Year” and “Manufacturing Employee of the Year” award.

Craters & Freighters SW Florida made the News

Founded in 1990, Craters & Freighters created an industry by establishing a nationwide network of packaging, crating, and shipping centers that specialize in items that are too large, valuable, and/or fragile to be handled by traditional shipping companies. 20 years later, the company still dominates the specialty freight industry, with 67 locations nationwide. Read on to find out what is new in the world of Craters & Freighters!

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Hibiscus Show and Plant Sale set for June 4

The James E. Hendry Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society will hold its 66th annual Hibiscus Show/Plant Sale on Sunday, June 4, from 1 4 p.m. at Araba Shriners, 2010 Hanson Street, Fort Myers.

The free Hibiscus show is the oldest, largest and best attended of all Florida's hibiscus shows, attracting several hundred people annually. This continuing show is made possible through the generosity of community sponsors; Craters & Freighters, Driftwood Garden Center, Edison National Bank, Dr. Jacob Goldberger, Greenscapes, Dr. John Kagan, Hooters, Lisa Adams Agency Allstate Insurance, Riverland Nursery, Storm Shutter Warehouse, Donna & Jim Sublett, Tim's Tree Service and Wilford & Lee.

"The event will showcase hundreds of different hybrid hibiscus blooms in a variety of colors and forms which will be judged in several different classes including amateur, collector, open collector, commercial and seedlings," said Patricia Myers, president, in a prepared statement.

In addition, more than 600 Hybrid Hibiscus plants will be for sale. Free raffle tickets will be given away every 30 minutes for gift certificates from Baskets by Patricia, Bennetts Coffee, Butterfly Estates, The Clam Bake, Eager Beaver Car Wash, Edison Estates Gift Shop, Edison/Ford Estates, Edison Restaurant, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Florida Rep, Fussy Female, Gavins Ace Hardware, Hooters, Imaginarium, Jersey Mikes, Messmer Florist, Natalie's Skin Solutions, Oasis Restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, PGA Golf, Pinchers Crab Shack, Salon Nicholas donated by Jane Kolczun, Sandi @ Hair Ink Studio, The Spa @ La-Te-Da Salon, Snyderman's Shoes, Sun-Fire Nurseries, Talk of the Town Consignment and Wisteria Tea Room.

This is the best opportunity Southwest Floridians have to add to their hybrid hibiscus collection, organizers said. This delicate and beautiful plant grows abundantly in Florida's tropical climate. The following hybrid plants will be for sale at this show: Ambar & Eve, Beautiful Desire, Black Dream, Blues in the Night, Cajun Starburst, Carmel Dawn, Chiffon Pink, Chocolate Raspberry, Connie Roush, Early Morning , Fire n Ice, Flameball, Gator Magic, Gypsy Rom, Holly's Pride, Hotsy Totsy, Jeanette Elliff, Jennie Lynn, Jolanda Gommer, John Martin, Lemon Kisses, Maggie's Heart, Magnifique, Marianne Charlton, Masked Bandit, Maui Artist, Mother's Dream, Orange Cappuccino, Out of the Ashes, Peanut Butter, Pink on the Mountain, Pinot Noir, Queen of Dreams, Rum Runner, Simple Pleasures, So Fine, Space Oddity, Sparkly Water, Sonny's Passion, Strawberry, Sugar Kisses, Swamp Cloud, T. Celebration, Texas Wild, TSQN, T. Amber Ruffles, T. Slow Burn, Tsunami, Violeta, and Voodoo Doll. Members of the society who are experts in the care and growing of Hibiscus will be available to provide advice. Should members of the public have questions regarding how the blooms are judged, there will also be several senior American Hibiscus Society judges available to respond.

Anyone who desires to learn more about how to grow, graft and hybridize this attractive tropical flowering plant can do so by joining the James E. Hendry Chapter, AHS at the show.

The show is the highlight of the year for the society and no further meetings will take place until they resume in October. The society meets at The Berne Davis Botanical Garden, 2166 Virginia Avenue, Fort Myers, FL on the second Sunday of each month at 1:30 p.m...anyone interested is cordially invited to attend the next meeting Sunday, Oct. 8 at 1:30 p.m.

Craters & Freighters Continues Eco-Friendly Campaign

27,500 Trees Planted - A Tree For Every Crate Built

Golden, CO (PRWEB) December 30, 2015

This year, Craters & Freighters celebrated 25 years in business as the Nation’s leading specialty crating and shipping company. To help celebrate the company made a commitment to replenish natural materials used, by partnering with Arbor Day Foundation and Trees for the Future. Since June of 2015 Craters & Freighters has supported the planting of 27,500 trees, a tree for every crate built.

“Planting trees creates hope for future generations. Our goal is to give back to communities and to do our part to help replenish national forestry, driving sustainability,” stated Diane Gibson, Founder and CEO of Craters & Freighters. “The simple act of planting trees will help to sustain communities and the environment in countless ways.”

The newest project of Trees for the Future will help communities in and around Singida, Tanzania, to improve their lives by planting millions of trees in new forest gardens. The project will start with 300 families living 150 miles northeast of the capital of Dodoma, and it will grow to impact thousands of families as additional support is acquired. The families entering the program are struggling to feed themselves, let alone to earn the money they need to buy clothes or send their children to school. The zone is poor, dry and in desperate need of this forest garden project.

The packaging and transportation industry, by its nature, is an eco-offender. Craters & Freighters believes there is an opportunity for eco-awareness and improvement. “We are thrilled knowing our Plant a Tree campaign can make an impact for environmental restoration and will contribute to these sustainability efforts, restoring dying farmland,” stated Matthew Schmitz, COO of Craters & Freighters.

About Craters & Freighters

Craters & Freighters was founded in June 1990 to meet the needs of businesses and consumers for specialty freight handling. For over two decades, Craters & Freighters has been meeting America’s custom shipping needs with consistent, high quality professional packaging, crating and worldwide transportation services. We are looked to by both consumers and businesses to protect their assets with our unique range of services.

The company serves consumers and businesses in all sectors including telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, and heavy machinery. With Expertise that Delivers, the company dominates the specialty freight industry.

Learn More at: http://www.cratersandfreighters.com

About The Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation is a million-member nonprofit conservation and education organization with a mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. More information on the Foundation and its programs can be found at http://www.arborday.org.

2015 Michigan State Forest restoration report: Superior State Forest, MI - The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has a goal of planting one million Jack pine trees to improve habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler. This neotropical migratory songbird’s breeding habitat is almost exclusively confined to young, dense Jack pine stands in the area. Today, Kirtland’s warblers are found in only ten counties on Michigan’s northern lower Peninsula and four counties in the upper peninsula. Efforts by our replanting partners have increased the number of singing males from less than 200 to more than 1,900, bringing the species back from the brink of extinction.

About Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future doesn’t just plant trees for their ecological benefits, but to benefit people in need. Technically speaking, we are an agroforestry charity. Agroforestry intentionally combines agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems. Trees and shrubs are planted near crops and/or livestock, to the benefit of all.

By integrating farming, animals, people and trees in the same space, we achieve improved soil quality, higher crop yields, and improved standards of living. We believe strongly that people must know the value of agroforestry and its benefit to them if they are to withstand pressure from developers or others who wish to strip trees from an area. Our role is to train communities in the latest agroforestry techniques, and to help spread and promote them.


Craters & Freighters Sponsors Bridge to Bridge Cross Country Bike Ride

Craters & Freighters Sponsors Bridge to Bridge Cross Country Bike Ride to Raise Money for Homeless Teens and Young Adults

Craters & Freighters, the nation’s leading specialty packaging and shipping company is sponsoring Spencer Nee, a Colorado resident, bicycle enthusiast and former homeless man. Spencer rebuilt his life with the help and support of  Denver’s Providence Network, a nonprofit organization devoted to providing transitional housing to the homeless struggling with addictions giving hope to kids and families in need.

Diane Gibson, CEO of Craters & Freighters is a longtime board member and corporate sponsor of Providence Network. “Spencer’s story is one of courage and gives hope to anyone facing similar challenges. We are proud to be part of this campaign and rooting for Spencer to achieve this dream,” commented Ms. Gibson.

The Fundraiser is called Bridge to Bridge, a 4,000 mile coast to coast bicycle trip across the United States organized by former Providence Network resident, Spencer Nee. Between May and August, Spencer will be riding from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge with the goal of raising upwards of $100,000 in mileage pledges for Providence Network. He hopes to find compassionate guest riders to join him as he rides through cities and towns across the country. The money raised through this ride will support Providence Network's effort to focus on the growing homeless population of youth and young adults. Currently there are close to 1,000 teens living on the downtown streets in Denver without food and shelter. The money raised will make an immediate impact.

The coast to coast bike ride was organized by Mr. Nee, in effort to give back to the organization that might well have saved his life. “I had lost my way as years of bad decisions and alcoholism had stripped me from my family, home, friends, jobs, health, dreams, and hope. At the moment I decided to change I found Providence Network. Through their help, I have restored my relationships with family and friends and have rebuilt my life,” says Spencer Nee. “This trip is a chance for me to give back by raising money and awareness of the problem and for an organization that I really believe in — one that gave me the structure and support I have needed to live the last six years (and counting) sober."

Fla. trucking companies facing roadblocks

Fla. trucking companies facing roadblocks

Posted: Sep 25, 2014 


Florida may bear the brunt of a trucking crisis.  Trucking companies are facing major road blocks from stricter government regulations, high fuel prices and a shortage of drivers. 
Like clock-work, shipments come around the corner at Craters and Freighters -- a nationwide company with multiple locations in Florida.  The Cape Coral shop ships custom crates all across the country and the world. 
"We have the trucks on the road every day.  We feel it every day at the gas pump," said Gary McKinley, owner of Craters and Freighters Southwest Florida. 
The latest reports from the American Trucking Association shows freight movement in the United States is at all-time high.  On the other hand, trucking companies are facing more road blocks than ever before. 
"It costs $130 to fill up a tank," said truck driver Bryan Sawka.


Processing Power, Delivered by the Truckload

Processing Power, Delivered by the Truckload 

But only a few so-called “white glove” handlers operate in the United States… Craters & Freighters…

HOUSTON — Hidden off an unmarked, winding road near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport here is a 40,000-square-foot warehouse filled with boxes, most about the size of a tall chest of drawers. As soon as handlers load one truck, it seems as if they are unloading another...

...But only a few so-called “white glove” handlers operate in the United States, including A.G.S., Craters & Freighters, Ceva Logistics and AIT Worldwide Logistics, which specialize in transporting high-value computer equipment and the associated supply chain security and coordination.

Click here for the continued story at New York Times


Anniversary Marks 23 Years in Business for Craters & Freighters

Anniversary Marks 23 Years in Business for Craters & Freighters

Successful packing solutions company has been shipping the extraordinary for nearly a quarter of a century.

Denver, CO –July 18, 2013 – For the past 23 years, Craters & Freighters has been helping clients around the globe with their total packaging, crating and shipping solutions. These clients include Fortune 500 high tech and software companies, the world’s top museums and art galleries, and residential consumers.

Craters & Freighters was founded over two decades ago to meet the needs of companies and individuals with heavy, oversized, valuable, awkward and time-sensitive shipments. Requests that other shipping companies refused to handle. 

There isn’t much we haven’t shipped in the last 23 years,” said Diane Gibson, president and founder of Craters & Freighters. “Recently, we’ve ventured into the emerging unmanned systems and robotics industry. It’s a great niche for us because many of the prototypes being shipped need a custom design and engineering packaging solution. We’ll ship just about anything to anywhere.  Custom designed and engineered, we have professional packaging engineers on staff to provide unique packaging solutions."

Throughout the years, Craters & Freighters has stayed true to the core principals that have guided its growth. Always looking for that next window of opportunity, the company saw the need to add Hazmat packaging and labeling to their menu of one-stop services.

Some of the more interesting items Craters & Freighters has shipped over the years include flight simulators, server racks, Ming Dynasty pot, Elvis’ guitar, a Maserati concept car, and Vincent Van Gogh paintings.  

Looking ahead, the financial outlook for Craters & Freighters is bright. Even amidst a struggling economy, the company has grown an average of 8.25% since 2009. Last year alone, revenues totaled $48,387,088.20 with 66 locations across the nation, including new offices in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and a future office planned in Birmingham, Al.  The company is widening its reach into the international franchise market, and expanding services to include hard cases, robotics, estate sales and government subcontracting.   


Historic GOP Elephant to Be Unveiled at Marriott Waterside

Historic GOP Elephant to Be Unveiled at Marriott Waterside by Jay Goulde, Executive Director of the Outdoor Arts Foundation

Tampa, FL – The Outdoor Arts Foundation announced today a large-scale, free-standing, red, white and blue Elephant sculpture that was featured at the 1996 GOP Convention in San Diego will formally be unveiled in the lobby of the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina, this Wednesday at noon.  OAF sponsors, artists, local dignitaries and elected officials are expected to be in attendance for the unveiling.  The Elephant has been in a private collection in San Diego since the’ 96 Convention and has made the 2,450 mile journey across-Country to attend this year’s Convention in Tampa.

According to Foundation Executive Director Jay Goulde “Acquiring such a storied piece of GOP Convention history was really a coup, we’re very excited to have it on display at the Marriott Waterside for this year’s Convention.” 

The Elephant will be featured on a red carpet where Convention attendees and hotel guests will not only have the opportunity to be photographed with it but will also have the opportunity to buy it.  A silent auction will be set up throughout the month of August with the high-bidder winning the opportunity to take the historic Elephant home.   

In addition to donating the Elephant’s journey from San Diego, Craters & Freighters will also be coordinating the Elephant’s departure from Tampa in early September.  According to CEO Diane Gibson “We’re known for being able to ship large and unique items but for something like this that’s so historic, it’s really a privilege to be involved.”

Mike Falconer, Marketing Director for the Marriott Waterside is thrilled to have the piece as well “Our property is going to be the hub of activity during the Convention, when Jay approached us, it wasn’t a difficult decision to have the Elephant here at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina.”

To for questions regarding how to bid on the large Elephant; or, to set up proxy bidding, please call Jay Goulde at (727) 954-4025 or email him at jgoulde@tampabay.rr.com.

RNC Elephant




Pelican Products Working With Craters & Freighters

Pelican Products Working With Craters & Freighters
Pelican to Provide Franchisees With Customized Packaging Solutions
as a Value Added Service

Torrance, CA – May 22, 2012 – Pelican Products (www.Pelican.com), the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and high-performance protective case solutions, will be working with Craters & Freighters to provide their Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions to franchisees across the United States.   

With this agreement, Craters & Freighters’ network of 65 franchisees will have access to Pelican’s full product line (including more than 400 different case sizes) direct from the manufacturer.
“With more than 50 years of reusable protective packaging know-how, Pelican is the perfect complimentary revenue stream for Craters & Freighters franchisees,” said Chris Marino, Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Pelican Products. “In addition to their existing product mix, franchisees will now be able to offer clients the added value of the widest range of custom protective packaging and service options on the market today.”

“We are proud to be working with Pelican to provide better service to our mutual clients. Craters & Freighters’ 21 year history as the leading specialty crating, shipping and logistics company in the US will help Pelican expand its presence within the industry segments it is targeting,” said Craters and Freighters COO, Rick Robinson. “At the same time, our customers gain access to a brand of products that is second to none.”

Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Solution services offer off-the-shelf and customized, reusable, protective packaging solutions for almost any sensitive technology. Capabilities include sophisticated CAD design, metal deck mounts, g-force-rated shock isolation systems, custom-cut foam cushioning and fabricated frame systems. For geographic convenience, there are several regional Advanced Case Centers across the globe - located in California, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Craters & Freighters was recently featured in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry's publication

March, 2012

Craters & Freighters was recently featured in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry's publication.

Craters & Freighters' Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Article

Visit Craters & Freighters’ social media pages today including FacebookLinkedIn and our Blog for the latest packaging, crating & shipping news and tips!


Craters & Freighters’ Florida Locations Sponsor Dave Blaney’s #59 Sprint Car

Craters & Freighters’ Florida Locations Sponsor Dave Blaney’s #59 Sprint Car For The 2012 World Of Outlaws Racing Series

Craters & Freighters’ Florida locations join together to sponsor Dave Blaney’s #59 Sprint Car for the 2012 World of Outlaws Racing Series.  Tom Leidig, the car’s owner contacted Russ Galik, owner of two Craters & Freighters’ locations including Orlando and Southeast Florida regarding the sponsorship opportunity.  Galik, a longtime race fan was thrilled to learn about the chance to support Leidig’s team and knew other Florida Craters & Freighters’ locations would join the effort.  In total, there are four Craters & Freighters’ locations sponsoring the car including, Orlando & Southeast Florida, owned by Russ Galik, SW Florida, owned by Gary McKinley, and Tampa-St. Petersburg, owned by Dave Amos. 

Craters & Freighters’ trademark purple and yellow logo will adorn the #59 car’s roof wing and will be viewed by over 3 million race fans starting February 16th at Volusia Speedway during the 41st UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment. 

About Craters & Freighters:

Craters & Freighters provides expert packaging, crating, and shipping services from 70 nationwide locations. Unique to the transportation industry, the company engineers and builds customized shipping containers and wood crates to ensure all shipments arrive safe, damage-free, and on-time.

Some of the most unique, valuable and challenging shipments the company has handled include:

  • 2 separate Stohr DSR race cars from the United States to a buyer in Sydney, Australia
  • A complete F-15 flight simulator, which was shipped from an Air Force base in Florida to one in Texas in 32 crates ranging in size from 20’ x 12’ to 3’ x 3’
  • Movie stars’ art and antiques, rock stars’ guitars, race cars and more

Craters & Freighters was founded in June 1990 to meet the specialty packaging, crating, and shipping needs of businesses and consumers in all sectors including fine art, antiques, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, bio-technology, telecommunications, and heavy machinery. 

About Tom Leidig and his Racing Team:

Tom Leidig has been involved in racing all his life including as a driver and as an owner. It all started with Leidig’s father who was a race car driver.  Leidig started out in Quarter Midgets as a young boy and went on to racing Sprint Cars in Ohio and the Midwest. Later in his career, he moved to Florida and raced Super Late Models throughout the state. He had one of the top cars in Florida and in 1998 he won the Governor’s Cup at New Smyrna Speedway.

After racing Super Late Models, Leidig then went back to Sprint Cars, his favorite form of racing. He started out with driver Kenny Jacobs on his team. On the second night out with the car, Leidig and Jacobs won their first race.  Later in the season Jacobs was hurt in a wreck and had to retire.

Leidig then had Mike Woodring and NASCAR Truck Series driver, Erin Crocker driving for his team.  After Erin, driver Brooke Tatnell drove for Leidig.  In Tatnell’s first year of driving, he won nine times including two World of Outlaw Races. He is a very accomplished driver and has raced in the USA and Australia where he won numerous championships.

Since Mr. Tatnell is racing in Australia during the winter months, Dave Blaney will drive Tom’s #59 car this week at Volusia Speedway.  Dave Blaney also drives the #36 car in the Sprint Cup Series for NASCAR.

Craters & Freighters’ Florida locations are honored to sponsor Mr. Leidig’s & Dave Blaney’s #59 Sprint Car Racing Team!

Craters & Freighters Sponsors #59 Dave Blaney Car for the 2012 Sprint Car Racing Series



Colorado's Craters & Freighters is the victor in real-world ‘Shipping Wars'

January 20, 2012 - Exaiminer.com: 

Colorado's Craters & Freighters is the victor in real-world ‘Shipping Wars'




National Western Stock Show Art Exhibit

Denver’s Leading Packaging, Crating and Shipping Company Provides Shipping Services To National Western Stock Show Art Exhibit Benefiting
Local Scholarship Trust.

Denver – Craters & Freighters, the local leader in custom packaging, crating and shipping provides its services to the Western Art Exhibit and Sale at this year’s 106th annual National Western Stock Show. 

“The National Western Stock Show organizes and produces several events annually to benefit the National Western Scholarship Trust, including the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale. This year, the Trust awarded 71 grants for the 2010-2011 school year. The grants range from $2500 to $6000 and are presented to students studying agriculture and medicine for practice in rural areas at colleges in Colorado and Wyoming,” according to the National Western Stock Show Website.

Craters & Freighters of Denver attends the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale’s Red Carpet Opening Reception where hundreds of local artworks are sold as part of a silent auction to benefit the National Western Scholarship Trust.  The Denver location provides local deliveries, as well as out of state crating and shipping to the buyers of the auctioned artworks.  Additionally, shipping services are available for the remainder of the exhibit for any additional purchases attendees make.

“We’ve been providing our services to Stock Show attendees for about ten years now.  Often times someone wants to buy a piece of artwork from the auction or exhibit but doesn’t know how they will ever get it home, and that’s where we come in.  We protect the item for transit and local delivery and also provide custom packaging, crating and shipping solutions to visitors from around the country.  If you have your eye on a large painting or sculpture, we can help you get it home! We are always happy to make our services available to the National Western Scholarship Trust and to be a part of the local Denver community by attending the National Western Stock show each year,” said Scott Simpson, with Craters & Freighters of Denver.

Many of the paintings are large, one-of-a-kind, and of high-value.  Having an experienced shipping company handling them properly is a top priority.  Once the exhibit comes to a close, Craters & Freighters of Denver will pack, crate and ship any remaining artworks back to the artists. 


Craters & Freighters Opens Indianapolis Location


Craters & Freighters Opens Indianapolis Location

Craters & Freighters, the national leader in specialty freight solutions, announced today the opening of a new franchise location in Indianapolis as a result of the area’s high demand for specialty freight handling services.

“We receive frequent calls from customers interested in specialty freight solutions either to or from Indianapolis,” said Diane Gibson, Craters & Freighters founder and president. Because of Indiana's great Central, Mid-western location and their exciting tourism trade relating to the racing industry and professional sports teams, we saw the need to provide this important market with our unique services.

Craters & Freighters provides expert packagingcrating and shipping services from locations nationwide. Unique to the transportation industry, the company engineers and builds customized shipping containers and wood crates to ensure all shipments arrive safe, damage-free and on-time. Some of the most unique, valuable and challenging shipments the company has handled include:



Craters & Freighters was founded in June 1990 to meet the needs of businesses and consumers for specialty freight handling, including pick-up, crating, shipping, packaging, tracking, insuring, and delivery of shipments that are too heavy, oversized, valuable, awkward, and time-sensitive for other shipping agencies. The company serves consumers and businesses in all sectors including telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, and heavy machinery. With Expertise that Delivers, our company dominates the specialty freight industry.

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