Having a company that is knowledgeable in safely transporting your goods from one place to another is key when there are sensitive items involved. There are a number of packing solutions available, and getting assistance on how to ship large items and choosing an option to specifically meet your needs is key. For most industrial manufacturers and consumers who need specialized services, using shipping crates or custom corrugated boxes is recommended.


Wooden crates are used for a number of reasons. They are more secure than a standard box and offer additional protection during transport. Wooden shipping crates are chosen based on a number of factors, including the dimensions, load weight, characteristics of the goods to be transported and value. Structurally, the components also vary based on the weight and dimensions, saddles, support and load-bearing members. Having an expert crating company help you determine the best crate is important.

There are additional considerations that factor into the decision of using wooden crates. Here are a few questions to ask your shipping provider:

  1. Is the crate reusable?
  2. Will it be reused?
  3. Do I have to load my own items or will the company do it for me?
  4. How will I receive the crate? Will it already be assembled or will it be my responsibility?
  5. As a business, will I be able to get this type of crate on a continuous basis?
  6. For crates being shipped out of the country or to the military, are there any special attachments or paperwork needed?
  7. Is it safe to ship metals and electronics? Are there any special materials needed to accomplish this?
  8. For art and antiques, what does the crating process entail?

These questions should help you when choosing the best crating option for your needs. What are corrugated boxes?


Corrugated boxes are a cost-effective packaging solution for items that are too heavy for cardboard boxes, but not heavy enough for crating. Corrugated box containers are specially crafted to meet the requirements of the item being shipped based on the weight, dimensions, value, mode of transport and intended destination. This is a good alternative for items that do not require blocking or bracing, although the items may be wrapped and packed for protection. The interior of a corrugated box may also be lined with Styrofoam™ material. When considering using a corrugated box, here are a few questions to ask your shipping provider:

  1. What is the industry standard weight of a corrugated box?
  2. If I am shipping out of the country, are there any special designations, or is there any paperwork that I need to complete?
  3. Based on the contents of my box, will my items arrive safely without damage?

It is important to have multiple shipping options. Working with a trusted packing and freight company will help you find the right solution. Make sure the company is licensed and can provide quotes that include pick-up, insurance, packing, crating, shipping and delivery to save time and money.


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